Scottish Cyclist: Joe Christison

Brian from kindly let me reproduce some of this article from his site. Tour-Racing aims to archive, and keep alive, historic articles and biographies, with the 50s and 60s dominating the site at the moment. It has a strong focus on British riders and racers, with a fair few Scottish names in there, as […]

Ronnie Park, VC Stella

In one of my previous posts, I tracked the growth of the VC Stella, a club formed in Scotland as a formidable race outfit. In the 1950s in Britain, road racing was only just taking off, as a segment of cyclists sought to break away from the touring and time trialling culture and emulate their […]

Ian Steel pictures

Quick post- a few nostalgic pics found on flickr and elsewhere, of Ian Steel, one of Scotland’s greatest ever. Should really be in my Scottish Top 10. But back when I compiled it, I was just starting to discover the history of Scottish cycling. 1951 was the year he won the Tour of Britain.