Council consulting on cycling infrastructure

In December 2008 Stirling Council commissioned a study to improve cycle lane standards. Following on from this, they consulted members of Stirling Bike Club and other community members about what was good and what was bad for cycling in the city, using a Google Map to highlight good, ‘needs fixing’ and dangerous spots. Discussion thread on Stirling Bike Club forum.

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Further to this the council worked with two members of the club and JMP Consultants to produce an advisory map of graded roads in the Stirling area. Thread

New crossing on A905 Stirling

New crossing on A905 Stirling

The crossing above was installed following the consultation and helps cyclists and pedestrians to cross safely on a stretch of road that is prone to speeding, which is great news.

However the “cycle lane” that has been painted on the pavement near the crossing is a daft afterthought, and is symptomatic of the worst kinds of cycling infrastructure. It directs cyclists into the path of oncoming traffic on a side road.

Stupid cycle lane

Stupid cycle "lane"

This shows two sides of the coin when it comes to developing cycling infrastructure. On the one hand, the consultation and the desire amongst planners to improve the infrastructure in a co-ordinated manner is a big plus. On the other hand, the implementation tends not to be particularly “joined up”.

Further reading: another lively thread about what Stirling is like to cycle in.