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Dundee Stage Race 2011

The Dundee 2-day stage race, promoted by Dundee Thistle is one of the next big events next weekend. Coming after a few months of hard racing, there will be some riders in form and others perhaps with tired legs. But the stage format gives amateur teams a chance to work as a team and propel one or two of their best riders forward in a GC scenario.

I did a preview last year, and after another 12 months of blogging and following Scottish Cycling have a better perspective for the 2011 edition.

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Dundee Calendar / Steve Donnelly update

I received my Dundee Cyclists’ Calendar today, and also an email from Sheila Fettes with an update regarding Steve Donnelly‘s condition.

I visited Steve in hospital on Boxing Day and gave him his own copy of the calendar. It made him laugh and he is very touched by everyone’s generosity and messages of support. He is now able to sit up in a wheelchair for several hours a day, which has made a huge difference to his quality of life after only being able to stare at the ceiling for the last six months. Discussions are now taking place to plan the complex care package that will be required to enable Steve to come home. Although this remains a long way off, it is a real sign of hope for his family and friends.

Thanks to readers of the blog who have bought the calendar or made a donation.

Buy this Calendar, help a stricken cyclist

This week I have been plugging the Dundee Cycling Calendar after hearing the tragic accident that befell Steve Donnelly, who was paralysed from the neck down in an minor fall in June 2010. If you buy a copy of the calendar you will contribute to Steve’s ongoing care and a future life where everything has been changed by this terrible situation.

I enjoy using twitter, and it’s been touching to see the support for Steve’s cause, including national magazine Cycling Weekly, ex Velocaster John Galloway, blogger and podcast fan Fun Run Robbie, former pro racer Brian Smith, cyclocross champion Craig Hardie and numerous others. Across the pond, Fredcast and Spokesmen host David Bernstein and VC Monterey president(?) Jan Valencia have also lent their backing.

The pictures were shot by David Martin, and in addition to the slightly racy stuff, there are also some fun cycling shots and some nice landscapes of the Dundee area- teasers below. Click on any of the images below to order the calendar and get the images for yourself. Or just donate some money via paypal.




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Dundee Cyclists Calendar 2011 – nudity!

This post is a plug for a Dundee Cycling Calendar, with pictures shot by David Martin. Please buy a copy of the calendar to help raise funds for Steve Donnelly, who was paralysed from the neck down in an innocuous fall in June 2010.

At least 2 Commonwealth Games cyclists are featured. There are also some titillating shots – a couple of bums on bikes, a naked fireman and the kind of marshal you really want at your next road race to distract the opposition.

But I won’t be giving away the full monty here- oh no. You’ll have to actually buy it to be able to give any help to Steve and get the full enjoyment of some nudey pictures posed for a good cause.



I’m thinking I might even pose for my own Liebovitz style photo, but it would take quite a bit of money donated to Steve’s cause to get me to pluck up the courage. Say, £100?

Please help Steve Donnelly

by Sandy MacGregor
In June 2010, Steve Donnelly was one of the bunch on a routine Sunday morning run with his Dundee Wheelers clubmates. Conditions were wet and on a bend during a descent, he gently touched his brakes. As sometimes happens, his back wheel slid away from him and he went down.

It was a fairly typical fall, only on this occasion it didn’t have the usual outcome of him picking himself up, checking the bike, then getting back into the saddle and on with the run. He landed the wrong way…and in that moment his life, and that of all those close to him, changed for ever.

Steve suffered injuries of the worst sort. His spinal cord was severed and he had to be airlifted to hospital. He has been in the spinal injuries unit of the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow ever since and will remain so for many more months.

Steve is paralysed from the neck down, the only part of his body he can move is his head.

The response to his situation has been overwhelming and heart-warming. Family, friends, clubmates and the wider cycling community–even complete strangers–have rallied to provide moral and financial support.

But Steve’s courageous struggle will be everlasting. So will that of his close family. His hospital care has been excellent but there is a limit to what the NHS can provide.

Steve will always need other assistance, things like voice-activated devices which can help make his difficult life a little more comfortable and independent. With enough support, it might even be possible for him to travel beyond the confines of the hospital and, hopefully, in the future, his specially adapted home.

By purchasing the Dundee Cyclists Calendar 2011, you will help make that possible.

Thank you.

Sandy writes editorials in the Dundee Courier and is a good friend of Steve.

Scottish Cyclist: Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart is a Scottish track rider who competed at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010. Scottish Cycling coach Mark Young has an interview with him here in his Delhi Vlog.


The picture above is a take on the Chris Hoy on Mons Meg shot for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As triumphant as that image was, and as positive as the future is for Stewart, looking to Glasgow 2014, the Dundee photo has a darker backstory.

The image was shot by David Martin as part of a series for a charity Dundee Cycling Calendar. It’s a really fantastic photograph, but to see it you’ll have to buy the Calendar. It is part of a bigger drive to raise funds for Steve Donnelly, who was paralysed after an innocuous fall while riding in June 2010. I’ll share more information about him in a future post.

Please please please buy a copy of the calendar – the chilling thing about Steve’s freak accident is that it could have happened to any cyclist. He will have to rebuild his life- find new accommodation and adjust to a future in a wheelchair. This must be a massive challenge mentally, but the financial pressure can’t be ignored either, so make a small contribution and buy the calendar.

Race preview: Dundee Stage Race

I was talking to Dundee Thistle’s David Martin today ahead of this weekend’s Dundee Stage Race about who the favourites might be.

The only amateur stage race in Scotland starts on Saturday with a hard hill climb prologue that will suit the mountain goats and the strong.

Stage 1 is mostly flat in the fertile area to the west of Newtyle. Click the link to the prologue and scroll down for more information. It finishes with a steadily steepening climb that might either sap the legs of a tired breakaway or suit the strong man who times his final sprint right.

Sunday’s Stage 2 takes in some rolling roads and some long climbs, and is another very selective stage.

So who are the ones to watch? Being a Category 2/3/4 event the Endura boys won’t be there- many of them will be getting started with the Tour Series- which will give an opportunity to some of Scotland’s strongest amateurs.

Last year’s winner, Rob Wilkins of Stirling is my pick. Nothing to do with the fact that he’s a clubmate- he’s a strong climber and took 2nd at the Trossachs Road Race last weekend behind Endura pro Evan Oliphant.

David suggested Super6 leader Graham McGarrity of Dooleys RT, along with junior rider Matt Hamilton and Glasgow Wheeler Kristoff Askness.

I would add Dougie Young to the mix too as he is a strong climber, and the Glasgow Wheelers have been riding well individually and as a team this season, with results from David Smith and Robbie Hassan, and some impressive tactical work.

Good luck to everyone entering and I hope this blog post is not the kiss of death for anyone!

Scottish Climbs: The Law, Dundee

The Law features as a hill climb prologue of the Dundee Stage Race, run by Dundee Thistle Road Club. Dundee’s skyline is dominated by the Law, and standing 175m above sea level it provides a focal point for the start of the stage race. The Law is no stranger to top flight racing – it hosted the prologue for the Kellogs Tour in the late 80’s.

From the start in Law Crescent, the first part of the route is rolling as it circles the base of the Law with a fast downhill section along Kinghorne Road. The turn into Law Road is sharp and kicks up immediately, holding a steady 1 in 9 for a few hundred metres before the gradient eases. As the road circles north, and then east towards the top, the gradient steepens again until the final bend, where a view of Dundee is visible laid out below.

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