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Race-pace.net blog

A quick plug for a twitter associate, Phil Jones, who has relaunched his blog at race-pace.net. Phil is a big fan of Sir Chris and Graeme Obree, and met them both- booking Obree for public speaking, and attending a business lunch with Hoy.

Questions for Sir Chris Hoy
Graeme Obree interview

Phil, like me is relatively new to the sport of cycling and has posted several useful pieces such as an introduction to bike fit and bike buying guides.

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Pic of the day: Chris Hoy by Lee Jones

Chris Hoy by Lee Jones

I found this a while back on Terence’s blog but it is © Lee Jones. You can buy limited edition prints or posters of the artwork at Lee’s website- click the image to go there.

It’s part of his Beyond Human series of sporting portraits: A series of hyper-real paintings, portraying elite athletes as superhuman beings, endorsed with the creative input of each sportsperson, the athlete is perceived as a machine so perfectly engineered they become ‘Beyond Human’.

Exclusive interview with Chris Hoy by @roadphil

Phil Jones had the opportunity to meet and talk to Chris Hoy at the Manchester Velodrome today and went prepared with some very well-informed questions.

The most interesting question for me was one I had asked Phil to ask: is the Chris Hoy twitter a genuine account and what are his plans for it? (Hoy doesn’t tweet currently) Apparently this is all being sorted out and he’ll be launching a new website and social media presence in the very near future, so watch this space. Exciting!

Click the following link to find out which of Phil Jones questions were answered by Chris Hoy. There’s an interesting hint about a possible future kilo record attempt in Mexico.

(image by Richard Parmiter from Flickr creative commons)

As well as being a cyclist, Phil Jones is a Director of the UK subsidiary of global technology manufacturer Brother, and is also a Director and Vice-President of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce representing over 5,300 NW businesses. Thanks for letting me repost some of the info.

Pic of the day: Chris Hoy Nov 09 Track WC

This image is one of a study of about 25 images of Chris Hoy at the Track World Cup in Manchester in November 2009. The photographer is Andy Jones.

I like the use of mono for this series- so often cycling photos focus on vibrant colours of the bikes, team kits or cars. Here the monochrome forces you to home in on the rider as a person, and try to get inside their head a little bit. There’s the full gamut of emotions: staying calm in preparation, coldly analysing race tactics, isolation and focus, psyching yourself up, getting the adrenaline pumping, exploding on the track, elation, relief, reflection.

Hoy was coming back from injury- a separated hip- and showed what he is made of by winning gold in the Keirin, sprint and team sprint. Click the image to see the full series of images at the Cycling Weekly website.

Pics of the day: Sir Chris Hoy world Keirin champ

These pics were taken by Paul Sloper (@cyclingslopes on twitter) at the track world championships in Copenhangen, and are used with kind permission.

Above Sir Chris leading the keirin final coming into the final corner. Note the German and the Dutchman out wide, desperately trying to come round- too late chaps.

Chris had found him out of his comfort zone at the front when the derny pulled off, and was 2nd or 3rd wheel at one point. But when he fires up the turbo boost, there is no escape for the competition- watching him power past the other riders at 40mph was breathtaking stuff.

(moving) Pic of the day: Hoy v Bos 2008 worlds

Today’s pic of the day is a video!  Chris takes on the formidable Theo Bos, world sprint champion for 2006 and 2007, in the deciding third of three rounds of the sprint quarter-finals.

In his autobiography, Chris describes this race as a victory of confidence more than anything else. Bos surprised him in round one, and Hoy led from the front in round two and held him off. Before round three, Hoy could detect in Bos an air of defeat. Perhaps this is why Bos goes so early- he is worried he will be beaten, and tries a dangerous tactic in response to his round two loss. It’s testament to Hoy’s confidence and power that he pulls Bos back from such a distance and celebrates on the line even with such a narrow margin.

At the bell he had fully committed, which gave me the carrot to chase. I closed a two-length gap on the back straight, drawing level on the home straight, and by the time I crossed the line I already had my right arm in the air, celebrating the biggest scalp of my sprinting career so far. The noise in the velodrome was as loud as I have ever experienced…

The only problem I have with this clip is that the commentators call Hoy “l’inglese” at the beginning. Er, no, he’s a “scozzese”

Sir Chris Hoy – domination and emotion

I stumbled across this video of Chris Hoy winning his second of three gold medals in the keirin in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He utterly demolishes the opposition as he goes nearly 2 bike lengths clear with over a lap remaining.

The reaction of his family and friends as he pulls clear from the pack on the penultimate lap, and then the cut to the bagpipes after the finish has the hairs on my scalp standing up and a moisture in the eye.

Sir Chris Hoy returns to action in the British Track Nationals this weekend at the Manchester velodrome.

Sir Chris Hoy will head a strong Scottish contingent at the National Track Championships in Manchester from Tuesday, October 20 to Saturday, October 24. The 33-year-old has confirmed his intention to compete in the individual sprint and the Keirin and could also contest the team sprint as part of the Sky HD squad.

Hoy, who recently accused the BBC of ‘patronising’ the GB cycling team and treating cyclists like ‘performing monkeys’ on the night that he won the Sports Personality of the Year award, had a successful return from injury at a high-quality meeting in France two months ago.

Since then the triple Olympic gold medallist has focused on regaining full fitness and is looking forward to testing himself against domestic opposition before his first international outing of the new season.

Richard Moore on Chris Hoy

I saw author and journalist Richard Moore speak today at the Portobello Book Festival. Richard was promoting the biography of Chris Hoy, which is published next Wednesday, but the session was informal and he fielded questions from the floor on a range of topics.

Much of the discussion focused on Chris Hoy’s achievements, the British Cycling track programme and how Chris has dealt with the pressure of fame. Chris’ parents were in the audience to confirm some of the anecdotes. Others however, were not known to them – such as the time Chris was asked by an Australian doping controller to perform a 360° turn while naked. One can only presume it was to admire his tree-trunk thighs.

His second book, Heroes, Villains & Velodromes: Chris Hoy and Britain’s Track Cycling Revolution (HarperCollins), was published in June 2008 and charts the rise of the British success from Sydney to Athens, and covers Chris Hoy’s attempt on the Kilo world record in Columbia.

The new book is an autobiography of Chris Hoy.

Richard is also working on a book about the rivalry between Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond in the 1986 Tour de France, and is due to be published in 2011.

Richard Moore represented Great Britain and competed for Scotland in the road race and time trial at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. He is acting cycling correspondent for the Guardian and contributes to a range of other publications, including Procycling and Rouleur. He has covered five Tours de France, the Beijing Olympic Games and Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

He also started podcasting with Cyclingnews.com at the Tour de France, and moved on to start his own show with partners Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe – The Cycling Podcast.