The Bicycle Tree, Brig O’ Turk

I saw a lot of things on today’s training ride around the Trossachs: the Sam Robinson memorial road race (in which clubmate Rob Wilkins finished a superb 2nd), as well as a very close shave with a startled wee bunny rabbit, and another close call with a very fast hare.

The highlight for me was the “Bicycle Tree” in Brig O’Turk. The sycamore tree is said to date from the 1800s, and stands in the yard of an old blacksmith.

The story goes that a man hung his bike on the tree before going off to war. He never returned, and the tree enveloped the bike. Today, all that is visible is a pair of handlebars and forks, camouflaged by their rust against the brown bark.

The bike is not the only metalwork that has been swallowed up by the tree- apparently it grew around various other items of scrap from the smithy.