Review of podcasts: Procycling

With the Tour de France on, there are a few podcasts that suddenly pop out of the woodwork.

During the Tour, the cyclingnews podcast transmogrifies into a daily download under the banner of Procycling, which is the print stablemate of cyclingnews, under the Future Publishing banner.

Those who dislike the regular podcast (see comments in my cyclingnews review) would do well to check it out again as it’s very different.

You have the host, Daniel Friebe who is the Procycling editor, along with author and journalist Richard Moore, who should be well known to Scottish cycling fans. This year they have a cyclingnews reporter Anthony Tan, a lively Aussie who I haven’t heard of before.

The style is lively and loose, and a bit more fun and free flowing than cyclingnews. There’s a bit of light hearted banter, in-jokes and ribbing, which might not be to everyone’s taste but I find it entertaining rather than annoying.

More importantly they have good access to the riders and bring good quality audio clips. The analysis is really good to my eyes, although being somewhat of a novice armchair fan I’m not really qualified to pick holes in it.

Only complaint is that it is a bit tardy in the release: Velocast’s daily tour updates and (more on them soon) are available on the same day of the stage, whereas Procycling is usually a day later. In today’s era of real-time updates on twitter and the web, and bloggers all over the world giving their commentary, you’ve got to be as immediate as possible with this sort of thing.
perhaps it’s what I remember from last year, or that I’m influenced by cyclingnews’ somewhat irregular schedule, but I need to take this last comment back- tonight the 2nd podcast is live on the same day of the stage.

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