Pic of the day: Chris Hoy Nov 09 Track WC

This image is one of a study of about 25 images of Chris Hoy at the Track World Cup in Manchester in November 2009. The photographer is Andy Jones.

I like the use of mono for this series- so often cycling photos focus on vibrant colours of the bikes, team kits or cars. Here the monochrome forces you to home in on the rider as a person, and try to get inside their head a little bit. There’s the full gamut of emotions: staying calm in preparation, coldly analysing race tactics, isolation and focus, psyching yourself up, getting the adrenaline pumping, exploding on the track, elation, relief, reflection.

Hoy was coming back from injury- a separated hip- and showed what he is made of by winning gold in the Keirin, sprint and team sprint. Click the image to see the full series of images at the Cycling Weekly website.