Doon Hame wrap-up

It’s a little after the event but having done a post on days 1 and 2 of the Tour Doon Hame it’d be a shame not to finish it off. Again, couldn’t get hold of any free-to-use pics but there are plenty of links here for you to explore.

The race on the road
There’s little point recapping live race tweets and incident when Ed Hood’s roadside report is up on Veloresults. He has the contacts and gift of the gab to get interviews, quotes and snaps of all the top riders, as well as an insightful view of how the race panned out on day 3.

Zak Dempster took the overall after he took bonus seconds in a sprint and his team controlled it after that. Jack Bauer kept hold of a podium spot and the King of the Mountains which was good for Scottish fans.

Also brilliant was Robert Hassan’s top 20 GC finish. He has been strong all year.

Post race coverage
I had a vaguely smug feeling to see that Zak Dempster took the overall after I had tipped him, but then again it wasn’t a difficult one as he’d just won the Tour of the Rutland and the East Midlands CiCLE Classic. The new place to check out reports from races like these is, run by Larry Hickmott. He also has a report of stage 3 and photos on his flickr. He also spent time in the Endura Racing team car and presumably in return he has given them some shots for their own photostream.

The amateurs
I found this shot of Eddie Addis, Velo Ecosse, by Larry Hickmott. Eddie is a rider who has come a long way in the past 3 years or so and can now count himself among Scotland’s top amateurs. He is local to my area too, so I will tend to bang the drum for him – great effort for hanging in and finishing 3 hard days of racing amongst the UKs top pros. That goes for all the ams.

Rob Wilkins (also Velo Ecosse), another guy who I have ridden with on occasion, who has blogged about his race- stage 3 thoughts here. He had better fortune (made his own luck perhaps?) than previous days and was in the right place when the bunch fractured near the end.

Peter Murdoch, (racing in black) for a composite club team got in the break, which was a great move. The 6 riders who got away were 2 minutes ahead on the climb of Wether Hill near Moniaive.

There are also good shots of Couriers’ Jamie Kennedy and Alan Thomson on the British Cycling photos. (another great shot of Alan shared by Larry Hickmott on twitpic of the aftermath the stage 1. It will do nothing to diminish Alan’s hard man status.

There’s not time to cover all the amateurs but hopefully most have been given a mention at some point over the 3 days. Well done everyone- I have enjoyed following your progress.

More photos from Cheryl King and Andy Whitehouse (for BC) via the Tour Doon Hame website.

And finally
I’ve heard from a couple of places that a rider or two hitched a lift in a car on stage 2. I wasn’t there to see, so I don’t want to go any further with this but it seems that old habits die hard in cycling. The first winner of the first ever Tour de France, Maurice Garin, was disqualified the year after for jumping on a train. All joking aside, it’s unjust if something like this got past the commissaires, when they were strictly applying the rules for a couple of other riders, who were DQd for taking a pull from their team car after puncturing.