David Millar Delhi 2010 TT gold

Cracking image of David Millar in Scotland colours, riding to time trial gold at Delhi 2010. He may be something of an adopted Scot but he certainly flies the flag for us and seems proud do do so. How many other top pros do you see turning out for the Commonwealth Games?

The image is © – Phil Walter/Getty Images AsiaPac. This shouldn’t be reproduced without proper licensing but I try to skirt around it by doing a screenshot of the site and linking back so you can click through to view the full size for yourself.

The original was found on Zimbio– there are several more of him there, both on the podium and out on the course., 128 David Millar images on Zimbio last time I checked. That should be more than enough for any professional media outlet or publisher looking for quality shots of him.

There hasn’t been much news about Millar so far this season- last year he was prominent on GC in Paris-Nice for several days, but this year he has pulled out ill. I read that he was targeting certain classics, particularly the Tour of Flanders, after last year’s strong showing.