Timm Kölln: The Peloton – book out now

Timm Kölln was kind enough to allow me to use one of his images for a blog post some months back. I love good photography and his work approached cycling with a different eye to the typical race photographer. There are many creative ways to take an action shot; most have been done already, but a few times a season you’ll see a race shot that really takes you by surprise.

Timm turned cycling photography on its head and ignored the clichéd on-bike images. Instead he focused on portrait shots of the riders immediately after finishing a race. As a photographer, it’s the sort of thing I wish I’d thought of myself. The result is a photograph that strips the subject of some of the power and confidence that they are imbued with when on the bike. After the battle, the star gladiators are weak and broken, vulnerable even, and this makes for a much more interesting subject. Now this work is available as in a book.

Buy the new book from Rouleur Books. Price is £50 from Rouleur.cc. This will be a really nice book and I sure as hell would love to own it.

Buy silver gelatin prints from Timm himself
See more of Timm’s photography in the Road to Roubaix film