Snowy Scottish cycling (part 4)

Flickr is a brilliant source of images, and I knew I’d find some great stuff there. First stop: the Cycling in Edinburgh group, where regular poster chdot had unsurpisingly posted some good shots.

slow progress

tentative confidence
Two commuting pictures from the Cycling in Edinburgh flickr group, by chdot, aka CyclingEdin on twitter.

Stirling mountain biker Crispin Bennett went for a lunchtime spin up Dumyat and shot this beautiful landscape

easy parking :-) 301110

Frozen Canal 301110
Cyclingdriver on flickr commuted on his mountain bike, and beat the snowdrifts but was thwarted by a full train.

Grant from Cowdenbeath in Fife sent me this shot of a midweek ride/walk. The snow confuses the camera giving the landscape a positively arctic feel.