Scottish Cyclist: Steve McCaw

A few weeks ago, Steve McCaw was the pick of the week on The Velocast. Steve seems something of an unknown figure in Scottish Cycling so I though it was worth researching ome info about his career and achievements.

He once rode the 2nd fastest 50 mile time trial ever recorded by a Scot in roughly 1:46:00, and he was also Scottish 50 mile TT Champion after making a comeback to racing.

John Galloway lauds him as the best wheel builder he has ever met (a prized trait as per the Official Rules). His standard time to make a wheel is apparently precisely 49 minutes for a 32 spoke.

There was an amusing comment on the Velocast about his ‘logical brain’. When asked “Don’t you spend more time building your own wheels?”  Steve replied “No. Why would I build a substandard wheel for a customer?”  Other notable catchphrases include: “Do you have something like a braddall?” “Nope. But we do have an actual braddall.”

I have searched for more information on his career and found several recent time trial results but not so much about the glory years.

1983 Scottish 25 Time Trial Champion
1983 Team Scottish 25 Champion (Steve McCaw, G Kay and A Gray)
19?? Scottish 50 mile Champion

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