Obree in 2000

Continuing this weekend’s Obree theme, it’s time to bring out a few links that I have been sitting on. They are to stories on an archive BBC Sport website that I came across by accident after some tweets from SMaryka relating to old doping cases (Virenque, I think it was).

8 November 2000: Obree is considering a comeback, following Boardman’s world record of 49.441km for the hour, on the UCI’s new standard traditional-style bike.

15 November 2000: a date is set for a new hour record.

To those that know the Obree story, the subtext or the following quote cannot be ignored:

Speaking soon after the UCI announced the rule-change, Obree said: “I have nothing against what the UCI are doing.
“So long as they stick to their new rules I will support them.”

As many will be aware, the UCI attempted several times to thwart his success, banning his innovative bike positions, and decreeing at the 11th hour that bikes and equipment must be available commercially.

10 December 2000: due to a virus, Obrees record bid is off.