Nick Nairn: Scottish cyclist

In the 1990s, celebrity chef Nick Nairn was a member of VC Olympia, based in Stirling. The club was part of a merger in 2000 with Stirling Mountain Bike Club, to form Stirling Bike Club.

Nick Nairn will be known by people of a certain age for his regular appearances on Ready Steady Cook among other TV shows.

Stay with me here, the link with Scottish cycling is not completely tenuous as Nick now has a cooking school on the Lake of Menteith, along which a rolling and usually badly-surfaced road runs.

Lake of Menteith

This road is on the route of a couple of road races: The Lake APR, an early season classic run by Glasgow Nightingale and the Battle of the Braes, a new race run by Stirling BC. I did a preview of the Lake Race last year, which gives you an idea of the course.

This year the Lake APR is on 20th March. The race is notable in that a womens-only event is run, one of only 3 such races in Scotland.

Battle of the Braes 2010, Lake of Menteith: Kermode and Raikkonen

Maybe I can find an angle that would make salmon, wild mushrooms, scallops or fillet steak seem credible as a ‘Scottish cycling food’?

clams with linguine