Ian Steel visit

Thanks to Steven Turbitt from Glasgow United CC for pointing me in the direction of these pictures by his clubmate Richie MacPherson, who went to visit Ian Steel recently. Steel won the Peace Race and the Tour of Britain in the 1950s and also rode the Tours of France and Spain. I’ve done quite a bit of digging on him over the past year or so, check out the Ian Steel tag for my other posts.

A nice quote from the GUCC forum: He still very much has that sparkle in his eye when talking about the bike. He was presented with the latest GUCC jersey, and was delighted and very quick to put it on and get his photo taken. Anyone who got their hands on Rouleur 18 will know this already- his enthusiasm for cycling and passion when telling the old stories is evident.

Thanks to Steven and Richie for permission to reproduce. Click through for the full photo set with Ian Steel’s other tropies.