Exclusive interview with Chris Hoy by @roadphil

Phil Jones had the opportunity to meet and talk to Chris Hoy at the Manchester Velodrome today and went prepared with some very well-informed questions.

The most interesting question for me was one I had asked Phil to ask: is the Chris Hoy twitter a genuine account and what are his plans for it? (Hoy doesn’t tweet currently) Apparently this is all being sorted out and he’ll be launching a new website and social media presence in the very near future, so watch this space. Exciting!

Click the following link to find out which of Phil Jones questions were answered by Chris Hoy. There’s an interesting hint about a possible future kilo record attempt in Mexico.

(image by Richard Parmiter from Flickr creative commons)

As well as being a cyclist, Phil Jones is a Director of the UK subsidiary of global technology manufacturer Brother, and is also a Director and Vice-President of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce representing over 5,300 NW businesses. Thanks for letting me repost some of the info.