Cycling podcasts: Velo Club Don Logan

I should really have covered this show before now, so you’d be forgiven for accusing me of being shallow, given that I only review it now that I am on it. I met Graham and Gary at Stirling’s Macrobert cinema after the screening of Chasing Legends.

The VCDL pod is a fun, banter-filled fans view of pro road racing, mountain biking and cycling in general. Graham aka bmfw is the master of ceremonies, Gary (aka Stumpyrider) is the mountain bike expert and Colin Clewsy Clews drops in comment and gags from the background, as well as being the butt of jokes.

The podcast appeared after the Velocast stopped- the VCDL guys, like me, were big fans of that show. Instead of moaning about its demise, they just went out and started their own show, which is great! They may hail from Sausage Roll City but they sure don’t sit on their arses all day eating pies.

There is some good coverage of road news, and the presenters are well clued up, seemingly reading every magazine and website out there. But it’s an accessible listen- the VCDL crew make no pretensions to be Phil and Paul or Matt and Ned, just three fans like you and me, shooting the breeze about cycling.

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