Homemade chamois cream recipe

Further to my wee bro’s homemade protein recovery flapjack (PFJ?) recipe, here is a formula for your own chamois cream.

The spirit of home made and fettled things have been in the spirit of this blog ever since I published Official Rule #8: Performing your own maintenance. The mythical Scottish cycling champion is able to set up his own bike, build his own wheels and even design and make his own frames. Hang, on, we already have one of those, his name’s Graeme Obree.

The concoction is created by Simon Lamb of sadly-now-defunct Gazzetta della Bici fame, and founder of the non-location-based GS Gazzetta cycling club. Simon created his own massage oils and sold them for a while under the La Clinica A Mano label, although [edit] as of 2012 you can now find them at Il Dolore.

Chamois Cream Recipe:
•Large pot emollient cream, Large pot Aqueous cream. Essential oils [lemon tea tree] and Witch Hazel.

•Mix creams together a bowl. Then add the Witch Hazel [50ml] but add it gradually and mix well to stop it splitting

•Then add 5ml’s of each of essential oils gradually. Put the mixed cream back in the tubs it came in and thats it!

•Use quite liberally, as it’s thinner than some you get. But it cheap, easy and lasts for ages.

I haven’t tried it myself but it has been road tested by illustrator Richard Mitchelson and others- give it a go!