Genesis Croix de Fer: a multipurpose machine

The Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative‘s winter catalogue popped through the door last week and I enjoyed thumbing through it, as I have done ever since I was into cycling. Alas, in these tough times there is more to covet than to earmark in the catalogue, despite the best efforts of EBC- the catalogue is supplied with a set of stickers to highlight desirable Christmas items.

The one item that stood out to me was the Genesis Croix de Fer- a cyclocross bike with disc brakes.

The thing about the Croix de Fer is that it manages to be several different bikes all in one. Everyday commuter, weekend road bike, winter trainer, summer tourer; on and off road – put simply, the Genesis ‘Iron Cross’ ticks more boxes than any other bike I know of. …I’d seriously recommend to anyone who could really do with five bikes but only has room for 1 or 2.

At the moment I have four bikes: a summer road/race bike, a winter road/commuting bike, a city/hybrid and a hardtail MTB. Despite the Two Johns’ mantra: you can never have too many bikes in the garage, my shed is full.

With a set of mudguards, the Croix de Fer would replace my winter road/commuter my the city/hybrid bikes, and give me the option of racing cyclocross on a fit-for-purpose machine. Which might help my performance.

In the tradition of the Velocast, this is my pick of the week. Now, where did I put that spare £999.99 that was lying around?