David Millar’s ‘Bat Wing’ skinsuit

I’m not hugely into time trialling but this item, heard on the Joe Beer podcast, and about Scotland’s top pro racer was interesting. I also hadn’t heard or seen it anywhere else so thought it was worth posting.

At about 55:50 on this podcast, coach Joe Beer talks about ‘aero going bonkers’ at the 2010 Tour de France. Items included Lance Armstrong’s ‘burner’ rear mech and Dave Millar’s ‘Batsuit’. Co-host Martin Crocker commented that his wife noticed that Dave Millar seemingly hadn’t pulled his skinsuit on correctly. In fact it was a special cut to create a smoother line between the body and the arm area.

57 David Millar - Garmin

Apparently, by the end of the race, other riders copied this skinsuit feature. I did a search of photos on flickr though, and couldn’t find other teams, even top GC contenders, copying the batwing thing.

Quick podcast review: Coach Joe Beer puts out a roughly-monthly podcast for triathletes, time triallists, runners, sportivistes and road racers. He has good knowledge of aerodynamics, equipment, nutrition, training and race/event preparation. There is light banter that’s not too self-indulgent compared to some other podcasts. Him and his co-host Martin Crocker do listener emails/questions which is always an essential feature in my opinion. Episodes normally about an hour. I don’t listen to it religiously but every time I have, I’ve learnt something new.

Edit 1-
Apparently this skinsuit was used in the Tour of California and attracted quite a bit of attention, as seen in this velonews article. There’s another article debating the legality of it on this blog here. Thanks to Calum Maclean for pointing this out and prompting me to dig out the links.

Update 2
Thanks and apologies to Pieter van Marion www.pvm-photography.nl who retrospectively gave permission to use the image after I had pinched it without asking.