Changing the bars on my city bike

I’d like to change the bars on my hybrid bike to make the position more upright. The reasons are to make it easier to see around me, to have a higher point of view and to make it more comfortable for cruising around at a lowish speed.

Ridgeback Meteor front end

I’d like to have bars like this:

Mini Brolley

Or maybe this:

Bike and Stuff

Velo Orange seem to be the place to go but are the parts ‘too nice’ for what I am wanting. Tried the local bike re-use centre but they didn’t have anything. There’s the Left Bank bar, “a bit wild” at a full 49cm wide.

Or the Montmartre bar, a narrow, 42cm center-to-center item.

Any thoughts on this? Compatibility is the main issue I’m concerned about. I’m a bit of a need to get calipers to actually measure the bars maybe.