Scots in the Peace Race

After doing a couple of posts on Ian Steel I recalled a thread on the Braveheart Forums that began as an inquiry for somebody’s email address and wandered off on a wonderful tangent about Scottish racers on the continent.

The summary below, of all the Scots who took part in the Peace Race, comes via a guy called Ivan from Belgium who is a great contributor on the Braveheart Fund forums. The Peace Race, if you don’t know, was an extremely hard amateur stage race that crossed the iron curtain from communist Eastern Bloc and back. Non-communist countries took part by invitation.

1952 Ian Steel and Ian Greenfield, first and only English-speaking winner in Ian Steel, first British podium for Ian Greenfield with a 3rd place on the crucial 8th stage from Leipzig to Karl Marx Stadt, where Ian Steel took the leader’s jersey. The BLRC team also took the team class.
1957 Jimmy Rae, podium in 1st stage Prague – Brno
1959 Joe Christison
1960 Ken Laidlaw, second in KOM clas.
1961 Ken Laidlaw, fourth in KOM clas.
1962 Hugh McGuire
1963 First and only Scottish team in Peace Race, Drummond, Gardiner, McGuire, Murphy, McNaught and Waugh.
1964 Jim Hendry
1966 Billy Bilsland
1967 Billy Bilsland, first Scottish stage win in Liberec in CZ.
1968 Andy McGhee
1972 Sandy Gilchrist
1973 Sandy Gilchrist and Denis Mitchell
1985 Ken Clark
1987 Martin Coll
1989 Martin Coll

There’s no need for me to cut and paste from the thread- it’s a fascinating read with stories about Chernobyl, Slovak stage races, the whereabouts of former Eastern Bloc riders and

As often happens when I post, I am inspired to write more entries- now on my to-do list are things about Sandy Gilchrist and Jimmy Rae.