More information on Ian Steel

Wikipedia, the internet’s semi-reliable source of information, includes plenty of background on the Peace Race, his win’s effect back in Britain, and Steel’s ill-fated ride in the Tour de France in 1955.

Ian Steel’s results on cycling archives, which include the image above, has a database with data on his 1951 Tour of Britain win, and more historical information to be explored, including Tour of Britain stage wins.

William Fotheringham’s book, Roule Britannia covers a history of British racing cyclists in the Tour de France. Ian Steel, who rode for Viking Cycles but went to France as part of a cobbled-together Hercules Cycles team, went home after ignoring team orders to drop back and help a weaker teammate. There’s a review of the book by Ramin Minovi on the Association of British Cycling Coaches website.

History of Viking Cycles – an interesting trip down memory lane with some references to Ian and the 1955 team photo below.

Rouleur references a video of “Wyscig Pokoju 1952” (Peace Race 1952) but I can’t find it anywhere.