More Drum-Ups

Since yesterday, a few more pictures of drum ups have been unearthed, via the Glasgow Nightingale website. They can be found in the 1960s section of the club’s ‘oldies gallery’ page– click the link for more.

The first is at Boquhan Glen, Oct 1962, after the Confined Hill Climb.
Back, l to r Willie Kirkwood, Billy Bilsland, Jim Robinson, ?
Middle Neil Gardner, Rickie Pope, George McBean, Jim Young, Jim Hay, ?, Ian Webster, Jim Wood
Front Gordon Galloway, George Nolan, Tom Hammond, Charlie Stewart, Jimmy Nolan, Alec Horn, Sam Robinson

The second is at the club drum up spot at Loch Lomond 1964, a place where many clubs had drum up spots.
l to r Keith Cowans, Ian Russell, George Nolan, Alastair MacDonald, Jimmy Tague, George McBean

The top image may be misleading: I’m told it’s ‘the other Billy Bilsland’, not the more famous former Glasgow Wheeler who is well known has been featured on this blog. Sam Robinson is a name I recognise because of the race held in his memory. I will endeavour to find out a bit more about him.