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  • John Gallacher

    Owen, I have some interesting photos of a number of Scottish cycling champions from the late 50s/early 60s including John Kennedy who ended up racing in the 1960 TdeF. I got them from my uncle who was a keen amateur.I  think there’s some interesting stories behind the photos which I’m sure would fit nicely with your blog.

    If you want to give me a phone (07836 226501) we can arrange a viewing.

    Regards, John

  • John McKendrick

    First things first – love the blog!

    This summer, I am writing the follow up to a Cyclist’s Guide to Scottish Lowland Roads (  I am keen to start the book with some general comments on road hill climb racing in Scotland.  I have struggled to find any records for the Scottish Championships (although I have sourced data for the odd year).  I would be grateful if you could offer me any advice.

    Feel free to email me ( or give me a call if it suits you better (0779 311 3785)


  • owen_p

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the comments. The Braveheart Forum is the place to find this sort of information, assuming you mean road race champions? I’m on holiday at the moment but when I get back to a decent wifi connection I will see if I can find the right discussion thread. You could do worse than search google for site:http://www.braveheart…etc/forum (ie the exacturl of the forum) and put “Scottish champions” or similar in your query- I’m sure it’ll come up with something!

    Best, Owen

  • owen_p

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the comments. The Braveheart Forum is the place to find this sort of information, assuming you mean road race champions? I’m on holiday at the moment but when I get back to a decent wifi connection I will see if I can find the right discussion thread. You could do worse than search google for site:http://www.braveheart…etc/forum (ie the exacturl of the forum) and put “Scottish champions” or similar in your query- I’m sure it’ll come up with something!

    Best, Owen

  • Janice

    can you help? my father, James linden , was a successful amateur cyclist n  late 50’s 60’s and the 70’s.   Is there a  site where I could find information his career?

  • owen_p

    Thanks for getting in touch Janice- I know a Joe Linden who was a rider around the same time. I have replied more fully to you by email.

  • Iain Cameron


    I was wondering if you could help, I’m looking for information on my uncles cycling career. His name was Peter Cameron, all I know is that he was the grass track cyclist around the 30’s and was Scottish and British champion, but I don’t know exactly when! He also apparently raced against Reg Harris on the track, but I don’t know if this is just family legend!

    He was born in the Black Isle and lived most of his life in Aberdeen, were he owned a building company. Any information would be great thanks,


  • owen_p

    Hi Ian- sorry I haven’t heard of Peter Cameron, pretty much all my historical knowledge is already published on here. As I mentioned to another person below, the Braveheart Forum is often a good place to start asking quesitons. 1930 is going back a while though! You could contact the Scottish Highland Games Association – maybe they have historical records? Good luck with your search.

  • Doug Stidolph

    Hi Owen; have been looking through your blog and really like your writing. Would like to talk to you regarding some linking-opportunities with SportPursuit; if this sounds interesting to you please fire me an email!

    Best Regards,

    Doug Stidolph

  • John B

    I knew your father, and his brother Alec as both were members of the same cycling cub as me, The Lomond Roads CC. Alec was club champion in 1949 whilst Jimmy first won it in 1956 and then took a lease on it for quite a number of years. My memory is he was also was the Scottish B.A.R. champion a number of times , the qualifying distances being 50 miles, 100 miles, and 12 hours ( My only copy of the SCU handbook only lists the BARs 1961-1965 and he is listed as the 1961 champion . I note also that his winning average speed was faster than any of the other listed champions at 23.704 mph).
    I think he left the LRCC some time in the 60’s to join the Eagle CC as some administrative mix up in the LRCC meant that LRCC members were unable to compete in SCU events

    Your father wasn’t just a successful amateur cyclist, he dominated Scottish cycling in his time and held the Scottish records for 50, 100 and 12 hours(2x) in the late 50’s early 60’s. He also performed at the highest level when competing in England.

    If I recollect correctly Jim married Myra Robertson who was also in the LRCC and she won the womens’ S.B.A.R in 1960 and 61 although then as a member of the Johnson Wheelers for team purposes.

    I believe he took a job in Hong Kong after attending the “Tech” as a mature student but later returned to Scotland and successfully resumed racing.

    I lost contact with the LRCC in the early 60’s and then became an expat so my knowledge of his later career is thin However I suggest you contact officials of the Lomond Roads CC as they should have much fuller history of his exploits. Also I suspect Scottish Cyclists’ Union would be a good source to contact.(The former president George Millar , though now of a good age, should be an excellent source as he was officiating during the relevant years).
    I would guess from your question that your father is now dead. If so then it is with much regret that I learn of it. I remember him well and liked him greatly. He was some years older than me but was always ready to talk to me. I guess he was one of earliest heroes

  • William Holden

    Hi Owen, i have a few photos from the 50’s on my gmail account that may interest you, john kennedy is there racing for VCS in a few of them.
    My dad was Thomas Moss Holden who was connected to the NCCC. Pictures from tweedies garage in New Cumnock for some event and they are borrowing fullarton wheelers equipment. Please feel free to leave any comments on the pics and also you have my permission to use some of them if they are of any use.

  • Lewis Heath

    Hi Owen,
    I’m looking for a ‘Gerry Philipson’ who would have been in Edinburgh in the early/mid 70’s. Apologies for posting this, but I can’t work out how to email you!

  • Glenorchil

    Hi Owen, i recall being stopped on Glen Ogle by a cycle race around 1990 give or take, any guesses what race this may have been part of ? They were headed South towards Lochearnhead. long shot i know.

  • owen_p

    Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Maybe the Scottish Milk Race, but I’m not sure it was still running by then. I don’t know anything off the top of my head, sorry. The Braveheart Cycling Fund forum is the place for these sorts of enquiries!

  • Iain Cameron

    Hi Owen, Just to let you know I did find some information regarding my uncle. In 1939 he won both the one and three mile Scottish championship and then in 1948 won the one mile British championship.

  • Derek Smillie

    Can you help? My dad, Jim Smellie was a successful amateur cyclist in the 60’s and 70’s with Scottish Championships and Milk Race trophies to name a few. I have a few pictures and clippings but I can’t seem to find any proper records anywhere and wondering where I could find more information and dates?


  • owen_p

    Hi Derek,

    I’ve actually met Jimmy at Bo’ness and at Ingliston. I’ve got one post about him on here with one of the photos you link to on Facebook.

    I’m not aware of any comprehensive results archives for Scotland but if you could get hold of any of the old SCU handbooks for the years when he competed that might have information. Probably hard to find though.

    I often direct people towards the Braveheart forum – there is a thread on there that tries to catalogue Scottish championship podiums.

    If you work out the specific years that he rode the Milk race and google them, those results should be well curated too I should think.

  • Scott Hughes

    Hi Owen, just recently discovered your site. My dad built frames in Glasgow with John Kennedy, went on to race in Belgium with John and was signed to race professionally for a few years. I printed off some info from your site and gave it to him to read. He has come back to me and says he has a lot of stories and info if you are interested. I have tried to find some info on my dads cycling career but have been unsuccessful. Although, he tells me this was John Kennedys fault as he was always telling my dad to tell nobody anything lol. My dads name is Harry Hughes and he was involved in cycling in the 50s.
    If you are interested you can let me know and I will get info from him.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • Hi Scott,

    Many thanks for the comment. I’d be really interested to find out more from Harry. I’ll send you an email.


  • Amy Saunders

    Hi Owen,

    I’d like to chat to you about an opportunity with VisitScotland. Please could you email me on and I’ll send on the information?


  • Thanks for getting in touch – I’ll ping you an email.

  • Ian

    My is Ian Williamson I live in Australia and have come back Scotland to see dad who is 89 on Sunday. He was a grass track Scottish champion I believe many times over and I can’t believe he still loves to go out on his bike ! He has trouble walking but put him on a bike of he goes. He had a racing name why I don’t know his name is Alexander Williamson aka (sandy herd) a great lover of cycling I find cycling magazines all the house.

  • Thanks for commenting. Happy Birthday to Alex / Sandy! If you want to note down a few stories from the old days or switch on ‘record’ on your phone I’d be happy to publish something Ian.

  • brian birch

    Is Colin Coe still active as I would like to contact him?

  • Hi Brian, I’ll email you privately. Cheers – Owen

  • Mandi_b

    hi Owen! I believe we met on the CMA website? I’d like to talk to you about an upcoming charity bike ride and how we might work with you? Speak soon! Amanda.

  • Hi Amanda – I’ll drop you an email or private message.

  • Karma Symington

    Hi Owen,

    The Gut Stuff have teamed up with Dram + Smoke to bring their pop up restaurant to Edinburgh Festival. The pop up restaurant will focus on the balance of great food and understanding the food put we put in our bodies.

    The Gut Stuff is the brain child of Scottish DJ’s The Mac Twins.

    Would you be interested in coming down to review the evening?

    Let me know and I can get a press release across to you with all information on the night