Scottish Time Trialling: photoset

I shot pictures at the Corrieri’s Classic 10 time trial in early March and posted them on Stirling Bike Club’s flickr account – the aim of the game being to get the action shots published as quickly as possible for the benefit of the competitors and the event organisers.

Gone are the days of race previews and news on this blog: Life, The Universe and Everything has taken over and the type of writing that isn’t time-bound has taken precendence: historical pieces, route reviews, and contributed content such as interviews or race PR from the organisers.

I wanted to revisit my photos from that TT though, and process a few of the image files to give an alternative view. Amidst the action and competitor shots, I wanted to look for the little details and take a few sideways glances at racing against the clock – similar to how Balint Hamvas shoots cyclocross. Not being a time trial stalwart myself, this was a challenge – do these evoke the feel of an early season TT in Scotland? What are the feelings that run through your mind as you warm up, head to the start, and the clock ticks down to your start time?


Headwind on the course.

A chat before the start
Relaxed before the start 

Winning bike's aero bar setup
A serious looking aero bar setup

Retro bike and profile aero bars
A contrasting retro setup: pressed into service for TTing

Something's not right here...
That sickening feeling when you have missed your slot

Aero Cervelo BB shell
Lots of very slippery looking machinery in use these days

Jay Burgess
Dispensing with the jacket as late as possible

Nick Tryon in the zone as the countown to his start time
Focusing hard before the push-off

Aero seatpost
That intimate moment between racer and pusher

Stirling Bike Club's 10 mile time trial
Making the catch in sight of a gloomy Stirling Castle

Nick Tryon, Dooley's Cycles
Nick Tryon clearly breathing hard

Winner Alan Thomson, Sandy Wallace
Winner Alan Thomson pushes hard until the line and gets an arty treatment

See all of my ‘processed’ shots here.