Scottish RR Champs: women to watch?

Last year the Scottish Women’s RR championships was incorporated in a National race that was part of the Dumfries Bikefest. This year it is a standalone race, which is a great development for women’s racing in Scotland.

The level of women’s cycle racing in Scotland is steadily rising and the event should allow the riders only one of a few chances this year to race in an all-women’s event in Scotland, the results could be unpredictable and should provide an interesting race.

The ladies event includes last year’s champion and Commonwealth Games rider Jane Barr (Velocity 44) looking to retain her title. She was interviewed by Vortex RT ahead of the race- click through to read.

image © Cheryl King, used with permission

A strong Sandy Wallace Cycles team will be using their strength in numbers provide a champion from their roster. The team competed in the women’s Ras over in Ireland last year and has experienced and up-and-coming riders. I spoke to one of the riders and there won’t be team tactics as such- there are enough strong riders there for several of the team to have a chance of a placing. In terms of the one to watch, the obvious choice is Mari Todd (below), current Scottish 10 mile TT, Hill climb and Olympic TT champion. She is also Scottish pursuit champ and has a host of other palamres.

image: Sandy Wallace Cycles/Nadia Gativa

Eileen Roe has been a Braveheart funded rider and competed at the Delhi Games, but isn’t on the start sheet for Sunday– she is racing in Belgium and Holland for a Dutch team, Moving Ladies, and got a win earlier this month.

I’m quite limited in my knowledge of the women’s scene to names I know- Katie Wylie of Falkirk BC (below) is a former Scottish womens champion and is frequently seen mixing it with the guys in club runs, APRs and Sup6r Six B races.

Image Ian Henderson

It’s also worth throwing a few names out there that have been mentioned to me. For the future, Gemma Neill is a rising star and I’m told Catriona Phin (Sandy Wallace) is very strong. Claire Macaulay has been chosen to ride as part of the Scotland team alongside Anne Ewing (, Jane Barr, Laura Macaulay (Sandy Wallace) and Jenny Stanning, who is recognised as a good climber.