Scottish RR champs: the jersey!

A sneak peek of the unofficial Scottish champion’s jersey to be presented to the winners of the Road Race championships this weekend.

It has been designed by Tom Worthington, including all the details down to the blue piping on the stitches. The Saltire is subtly included, but the design veers away from overt National flag motifs as these are already present on quite a few club jerseys. The top band is blue, and the bottom band is much more purple than it appears in the photo. See the design artwork below for a better idea of colours- the purple (in real life) is similar to the Scottish Commonwealth Games kit.

The design went through a few phases and then reverted to a classic champions style with horizontal bands- a timeless design.

I had wondered about a Scottish Champions jersey before I was aware of the plan to award one this year. This is ‘unnoficial’ for now, but I understand the concept of a jersey is under condisderation at Scottish Cycling. Things move slowly at National associations though- the committees have to consider things, and when you think about it, it’s complicated: do you award a jersey to all disciplines and levels? What if the womens champ, vets champ and junior champ are all in the same APR field?

In the meantime it will be great to see this one presented. It may even be adopted as the official design- here’s hoping.

Even if it was adopted, it would always be an unofficial National champions jersey though- Scotland is not recognised by the UCI as a separate country, so the rules (and penalties) for wearing national kit in the appropriate events would not apply. I don’t want that to sound negative- rather, an interesting political point. I wonder if Alex Salmond would be interested in a photo opportunity with the new champions?

Thanks to Colin Bark, Vortex RT for the pictures.

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