Scottish RR champs photos

Photographer Graeme Brown kindly gave permission for me to blog some photos of the Scottish Road Race championships. I particularly liked the mono portraits of riders pre- and post-race. The mono shots of the race itself were also atmospheric, although I always like to see the jersey colours.

There are some shots of friendly banter before the start, which is contrasted by other shots where the tension is palpable. Click above to see the rest of the set on flickr.

The exhaustion of post-race. Click the above for the flickr photo page.

Graeme has recently started his flickr site, as an outlet for his cycling photography, but he is better known for his motorsport images, which are world class.

See more of his work at Graeme mentioned that he will have images for sale soon, and there are some good portraits of cyclists and other sportspeople in his portraits gallery.

He has shot for Cycling Weekly and CycleSport, covering the Tour of Britain last year as well as several Premier Calendar races.