Pic of the day: yours truly

photo © James Ruskin, used with permission

Today’s pic is me in last September’s Lammermuirs Road Race, which I blogged about at the time.

I took an absolute pasting that day but managed to stay in the bunch for 4 laps of 5 before being dropped. I limped up the brutal climb to Redstone Rig as second last finisher but proud not to have abandoned and to have lasted so long with pros in the field (Evan Oliphant and Callum Wilkinson of Endura, and winner Greenwood of Rapha). This shot captures how difficult I found it- apart from the look on my face, you can see the follow car behind.

The photo is by James Ruskin, who took some great shots on the day. James is a freelance sports photographer dividing his time between Edinburgh and Loughborough. Click on the image for his website.