Juniors Kyle Petrie and Callum Foster make things happen

After first-year junior Tom Arnstein‘s win at the Gifford A-Race I noticed a couple of strong performances in the Fenwick APR. Not a win but good rides from a couple of young guys that I thought I would give some recognition.

As a 34-year-old ‘trier’ I always tell myself ‘next year will be better’. ‘I’ll get a good winter in, improve my bike, lose another kilo and get a bit faster’. But family life just isn’t conducive to consistent training and the other problem is that every year, a crop of strong juniors come along and overtake you pretty rapidly (metaphorically as well as on the road).

The youngsters don’t just have youth and good health on their side- they can race cleverly and use their heads as Tom showed at Gifford.

What impressed me from the brief report from the Fenwick APR by Stirling BC rider Kyle Petrie was that he had made a plan before the race, and worked with another rider, Calum Foster of Team Leslie Bike Shop, to force a split. It’s not about turning up and see what will happen.

It was a really hard race, more lumpy than I’d prefer but I surprised myself a bit. I felt relaxed to begin with and just tried to stay at the front and away from trouble (and punctures) and I was feeling quite good.

Loudoun RC Fenwick APR 24/3/2012
Kyle Petrie comfortable in his group before the move went

I’d planned on getting away with a friend and by the second lap we were both feeling OK and we’d not been caught yet so we broke it up a bit which meant a LOT of work so Calum came to the front and accelerated with me on his wheel then he pulled off and I was there to hold the acceleration although it was on hills so hurt a lot!

Then I can’t remember too well, but I was riding hard and I looked back and we had a group of 7-8. Then we just pinned it really, it was a bit late for me and Calum to get off the front as we were flat out and in the red, so kept drilling it and at the last hill we had 22s ahead of first chaser. Next thing, the line was there (much earlier than we’d thought) so I dug in really hard and got 4th, pretty chuffed with it and now I know how hard I can go so looking for a good result next weekend!

Loudoun RC Fenwick APR 24/3/2012
Image Ian Henderson aka PBPB aka LeesLang on flickr

Like I said, the race-winning move was made by two juniors (I think Foster is a jr) so hats off to them. Winner was Gavin Thompson of Glasgow Nightingale, 2nd veteran Norman Gillan of Squadra Porcini.

Good luck to Kyle in next week’s Jack Murray Junior Trophy over in Fife and likewise to Callum if he is riding.

Full result
Final Position Number Name Club Times
1 30 Mr Gavin Thomson Glasgow Nightingale CC 01:28:12
2 34 Mr Norman Gillan Squadra Porcini ST
3 33 Mr Calum Foster Team Leslie Bike Shop ST
4 23 Mr Kyle Petrie Stirling Bike Club ST
5 42 Mr John Anderson Glasgow Couriers ST
6 25 Mr Ross Cunningham Glenmarnock Wheelers 01:28:22
7 82 Mr Gary McDonald Unattached 01:28:30
8 84 Mr Rob Young Glasgow Green Cycle Club 01:28:50
9 64 Mr Scott Newman Inverclyde Velo ST
10 61 Mr John Gartland GJS Racing Team ST
11 68 Mr Scott Hawkins Glasgow Couriers ST
12 62 Mr Hamish MacLean L.A.B. R.A.T Cycling Club ST
13 52 Mr Drew Clark Wallacehill CC ST
14 46 Mr Wayne Barr Velocity 44 Stirling ST
15 50 Mr Alexander McAllister Ayr Roads Cycling Club 01:28:54
16 51 Mr James Melville Glasgow United CC 01:29:00
17 11 Mr Gary Davidson VC Astar Anderside ST
18 31 Mr Luke Johnstone Chryston Wheelers ST
19 1 Mr Oscar Marletta VC Glasgow South ST
20 75 Mr Neil Walker Walkers Cycling Club 01:29:10
21 56 Mr Lewis Hodgart Glasgow Couriers 01:29:15
22 85 Mr Franco Porco GTS Racing 01:29:18
23 63 Mr John McCrory Glasgow United CC 01:29:27
24 83 Mr James McPake GTS Racing ST
25 72 Mr Gerald Grant GJS Racing Team ST
26 5 Mr Stuart Munro East Kilbride Road Club ST
27 36 Mr John McGregor VC Glasgow South ST
28 78 Mr Kevin Barclay Team Leslie Bike Shop ST
29 59 Mr Eric Easton Edinburgh RC ST
30 57 Dr Martin Whitehead VC Glasgow South ST
31 70 Mr Barry Crumlish Glasgow Couriers ST
32 19 Mr John Dunlop Loudoun Road Club 01:29:33
33 8 Mr Grant Johnstone Chryston Wheelers ST
34 60 Mr Graham Barclay Team Leslie Bike Shop 01:29:40
35 15 Mr Robin Burns Dunfermline CC ST
36 74 Mr Benny McLaughlin Race Engineering 01:29:56
37 10 Mr Brian Beckett VC Astar Anderside 01:30:04
38 24 Mr Graeme Scott Edinburgh RC 01:30:10
39 53 Mr Matt Hennon Inverclyde Velo ST
40 58 Mr Stephen Begg VC Glasgow South ST
41 6 Mr Calum Ross Loudoun Road Club ST
42 69 Mr Barry Cranstoun Icarus Racing 01:30:20
43 71 Mr Philip Deveney Glasgow Nightingale CC 01:30:24
44 76 Mr Hans Forhaug Glasgow United CC 01:30:28
45= 66 Mr Alister Ogg VC Astar Anderside 01:31:26
45= 29 Mr Scott Kerr Walkers Cycling Club ST
45= 41 Mr Guto Williams East Kilbride Road Club ST
48 18 Mr Kevin Brown Fullarton Wheelers 01:31:30
49 20 Mr David Hamill Pedal Power RT 01:32:22
50 21 Mr Paul McGhee Ayr Roads Cycling Club 01:32:34
51 4 Mr Declan Kostka Unattached 01:32:51
52 48 Mr Robert Kelly Ayr Roads Cycling Club 01:34:10
53 12 Mr Lee Gardner Glenmarnock Wheelers 01:34:45
54 26 Mr Cameron Fisher Glasgow Nightingale CC ST
55 81 Mr David Kaminski Walkers CC 01:35:15
56 67 Mr Stephen d1ckson Falkirk Bicycle Club 01:35:54
57 80 Mr Graeme Cockburn Glasgow Whls ST
58 54 Mr Graeme Lawrie Gala Cycling Club 01:36:28
59 65 Mr Andrew Macdonald Dunfermline CC 01:36:45
60 37 Mr Kamil Pompe Pedal Power RT ST
61 40 Mr John Proudfoot Dunfermline CC 01:36:52
62 22 Miss Gabriella Nordin Sandy Wallace Cycles ST
63 28 Mr Jamie Keenan Ayr Roads Cycling Club 01:37:00
64 55 Mr David Thomson Johnstone Wheelers CC 01:38:03
65 2 Mr James Gilmour Glasgow Couriers 01:39:56
66 73 Mr Paul McDonald Johnstone Wheelers CC 01:40:10
67 47 Mr David Dalziel Glasgow Nightingale CC ST
68 13 Mr Graham Kerr VC Glasgow South 01:40:50
69 35 Mr Charles Mccusker Johnstone Wheelers CC 01:43:30
70 32 Mr Kenneth Morrice VC Glasgow South 01:43:49
71 9 Mr Gavin Kerr Ayr Roads Cycling Club 01:45:58
72 17 Mr Andrew Dobinson Glasgow Green Cycle Club 01:48:23
73 14 Ms Sarah Barry Glasgow Whls 01:50:36
DNF 43 Mr Michael Curran Fullarton Wheelers DNF
DNF 49 Mr Steve Macluskie VC Glasgow South DNF
DNF 77 Mr Barry McGurk Glasgow Couriers DNF
DNF 79 Mr Charles Vincent Walkers Cycling Club DNF
DNF 27 Mr Keith Hood Ayr Roads Cycling Club DNF
DNF 39 Mr Stephen Docherty East Kilbride Road Club DNF
DNF 7 Mr William Craig VC Glasgow South DNF
DNS 3 Mr Anthony King VC Glasgow South DNS
DNS 16 Mr Gregor Campbell VC Glasgow South DNS
DNS 38 Mr Raymond Williams Edinburgh RC DNS
DNS 44 Mr Andrew Dobinson Glasgow Green Cycle Club DNS
DNS 45 Mr Ray Hicks Glasgow Green Cycle Club DNS