Anyone can ride the Tour

A quick post to say ‘hats off’ to David Waddell who is riding the Tour de Force, where amateur riders can do the entire route of the Tour, a few days ahead of the race itself.

Here he is a couple of days ago, atop the first Hors Categorie climb, with many more to go. Good luck to David and all the other participants.

The participants have plenty of backup, with food, mechanics, masseurs and medical support but even with all that, it’s a massive achievement. Some days they have been riding until 9pm at night!

It struck me the other day, while watching a sprinter’s stage, that even a flat 200km would take a lot out of my legs. So massive respect is due to all the people taking part in the Tour de Force.

It’s not only an athletic challenge- huge amounts of money are raised for charity- one participant bringing in over £25,000 on his own.

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