About the blog
The Drum-Up started as an experiment in 2009 and wasn’t even themed around cycling. I quickly decided that I needed to carve out a niche, and as I was developing a passion for cycling at the time I decided to keep it local and focus on Scotland. Since then I’ve learnt a great deal, from my early wide-eyed posts on Robert Millar and Graeme Obree, to a focus on the Scottish road race scene in 2010. Hope you enjoy what you read- and please add comments, it’s all about interaction. I often get inspiration for posts from the information that people add.

The header
The header image is the Bealach-na-ba, or “Pass of the Cattle” – read more about it here. Thanks continue to be due to Anth from citycycling magazine, who let me use the image. A quality publication- check it out.

How to follow
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About me
Cycling has always been in my blood though; I grew up in Edinburgh on a BMX, and then hit the Pentlands in the 90s when mountain biking came along.

I’m now based in Stirling and after a bit of a cycling hiatus, I have been into road riding since 2008. It all started after several successive summer holidays to France, when I began to let l’Équipe’s coverage of the Tour seep into my brain, as there was such a dearth of football news in July. I joined my local club and had a crack at road racing, finally getting to cat 3 in 2013.

With two young kids in the family, my road racing is over – meanwhile, volunteering at races and a new-found passion for cyclocross keeps me in touch with the Scottish scene.