Steve McCaw breaks VTTA hour record

Steve McCaw has set a new VTTA outdoor hour record of 42.822km. That’s a UK-wide vets’ hour record- congratulations. This was set on Tuesday 9th August at a blustery Meadowbank Velodrome, breaking the previous outdoor age group record of 40.86km or 25.4 miles. Most readers will be familiar with the hour record, which holds something […]

obree upturned bars 1991

Scottish 25 mile time trial records

Pictured is Jason McIntyre in the 2006 Tour de Trossachs, which he won in the British National 25 mile TT champion’s jersey. Picture: Jamie Forbes / Glasgow Ivy CC. See my Scottish time trial records post for a full index list of records. These were originally compiled by Jock Shaw. The Scottish ’25’ has been […]

Scottish cycling podcast 11: Motivation and why we cycle

I have been on a little hiatus with the podcast and it’s related to my cycling – I haven’t been riding much, other than the daily commute – and hence I haven’t been podcasting as much either. With the podcast, I’m inspired when I’m at races or events, either because there are people to talk […]

Scottish Magazine Cover of the Decade

Well done to designer Matt Ball for winning the PPA Scottish Magazine Cover of the Decade award last night at the Scottish Magazine Awards in Glasgow. Matt’s beautiful cover design was created to illustrate an interview I did with Steve McCaw, a Clarion rider who broke the VTTA hour record at Meadowbank in 2011. I […]

Blog update

An admission: I’ve been struggling for time a bit lately and have been lax with posting on the blog. I’ve really enjoyed writing during the past 2 years, and I don’t intend to stop. Output might just become a little less frequent than it has been, with work, kids, family life, club volunteering and riding […]